Only Kats Review: Hesiry Cat Brush Pet Soft Brush for Shedding Removes Loose Undercoat,Slicker Brush for Pet Massage-Self Cleaning

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Product Description

cat dog brush

ALL for you and your hairy friend’s health

cat brush for shedding

Hesiry cat/dog brush

Protective needles won’t hurt your pet’s skin.

Your hairy friend will love Hesiry brush.

Remove up to 90% of the floating-hair.

cat brush for longhair

Brush Story

Introducing our model, Nala, a one-year-old exotic shorthair. She will begin shedding during the shedding season, which stops us from giving her as much petting as she wants. There will always be lots of hair on hands after petting her. Anywhere she goes, couch, chair, and floor, you name it, will be covered with her hair. To solve the troubles of Nala’s floating hair, I use the Hesiry brush to groom her hair every day to remove the floating hair. She loves it every time when I use Hesiry brush to groom her, so much that she would start purring. She loves to be groomed, thanks to Hesiry brush’s protective needles, her sensitive skin won’t get hurt from it.

dog brush for shedding

dog brush for longhair

groom brush

Make your pets Comfortable

Your hairy friend’s skin is thinner than the baby’s skin, it is easy for the sharp comb to damage the skin and even cause bleeding, inflammation or ring worms. The Hesiry brush is soft with a 60-degree bend and the needle has plastic beads to protect the skin.

Protecting family’s health

Spring and autumn are the shedding seasons for pets. Lots of floating hair will drop on the floor, couch or even in the air, which brings potential harm to your family’s health. Using Hesiry brush once a day to remove pet hair will help relieve floating hair from the roots.

Remove up to 90% of the floating-hair

Cats loving licking hair, and will always get the hair into their belly, which would cause the cat to vomit up hairballs. 90% of the floating hair will be gone by using Hesiry brush once a day and will stop your cat from vomiting up hairballs.

Self-Cleaning Button,clean up residue hair out of brush after one pass
Protective nibs with round massage beads won’t damage your pet’s sensitive skin and hair roots. Great for dogs, cats, rabbits or any other cute animals with short, long, thick, thin or curly hairs
Soft brush: Hesiry cat brush work by entangling loose hairs with tiny needles, rather than cutting hair by pulling it. The de-shedding brushes have stainless steel needles with a 60-degree bend and some elasticity, which will buffer the knotted hair during brushing. They will not pull your pet’s hair and cause damage, so your pet will feel comfortable using them.
Hesiry pet brush, Care for your cute pets.Quality Guarantee,Your pets will like it

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